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Who? Who are we?

Hello! We are a Singaporean/ Korean Family residing in Korea!

What? What items can I expect to find here?

We aim to bring some of the interesting trendy finds from this country. From Kpop, Kbeauty, to novelty gifts ideas that you can surprise your loved ones with!

Where? Where will the items be shipped from?

All items will be shipped from Korea to you or the person you are gifting the item to!

When? How long does shipping usually take?

As the items are shipped internationally, the duration of the delivery will depend on where you reside.

Average shipping durations
Far East (Japan, Hong Kong, etc.): 5-10 working days
South East Asia (Thailand, Singapore, etc.): 6-10 working days
Pacific (Australia, New zealand, etc.): 7-12 working days
North America (U.S., Canada, etc.): 9-14 working days
Europe (Germany, France, etc.): 7-14 working days
Middle East (India, Saudi Arabia, etc.): 9-15 working days
Africa, Latin America: 10-20 working days

Delivery standard refers to reference transit time, and the actual delivery days may be longer or shorter.

Why? Why did we set up KGifts?

We've experienced how convenient it is to send a gift through the Korean e-platform and would like to bring some of this ease of gifting to to the rest of the world.

How? How do I know if the items are authentic?

Unless it is specified on the title or description, all items are purchased directly from the official stores or official resellers.

For products from stores such as weverse and line friends, you can verify the authenticity with the reflective authenticity hologram stickers attached to the packaging.

How do I track my shipping?

Go to your account page (

Check on the status of the order you'd like to track.

If the item is marked as unfulfilled, the order has either not been processed yet, or it is still pending certain pre-order items.

If the item is marked as fulfilled, click on the order number, and

Click on Track Shipping and find out where your parcel is!