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primera Baby Facial & Body Wash 250ml

primera Baby Facial & Body Wash 250ml

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This Top-to-Toe cleanser contains xylitol and Coconut Oil to protect children's skin with moisturization, and cotton extract to soothe skin irritated by outside stimuli.

The liquid gel type formula cleanses not only skin residue but also sun products on the skin and makes the cleansing routine more convenient.

10-Free ingredients(synthetic colorants, artificial fragrance, PEG surfactant, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, polyacrylamide, sulfate surfactant, imidazolidinyl urea, silicone oil, triethanolamine).

Dermatologist tested, In Vitro Eye Irritation tested, Hypoallergenic tested.

How To

Pump an appropriate amount to smooth over the face. Gently massage over face and rinse off thoroughly.


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