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Rosakey selects premium leather for its products. Variations in color, leather grains, and natural markings on the leather surface are common and should not be considered as defects.

Due to the natural properties of leather, the color of the leather will naturally change over time, and the metal used in the product will also develop a natural patina.

Some products may undergo price changes due to factors like the release of new models and fluctuations in component prices.

Please note that there may be some differences between the product images and the actual items. The actual measurements of the product may have variations depending on the measurement location and the person measuring it.

Maintenance and Preservation:

To maintain the ongoing quality of Rosakey products, it is recommended to follow these maintenance and preservation methods:

  • Be cautious not to exceed the bag's capacity to maintain the product's quality and design.

  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat and direct sunlight to prevent severe discoloration of the leather.

  • Refrain from contact with water, oil, perfumes, cosmetics, and similar substances. If it becomes wet, gently remove moisture with a soft cloth.

  • For dark-colored leather, there may be occasional color transfer due to friction, so avoid friction with light-colored clothing.

  • For light-colored leather, there may be occasional color transfer due to friction, so avoid friction with dark-colored clothing.

  • For python leather, vinyl separation is a characteristic of the leather. Avoid contact with delicate fibers like silk.

  • When not in use, store the product in a dust bag in a cool, dry place.

Please note that this is a general guideline for the care of leather products. Specific care instructions may vary depending on the type of leather used in your Rosakey product.


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