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Tamburins gift set (FEY9 15ml + VEIN 15ml)

Tamburins gift set (FEY9 15ml + VEIN 15ml)

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Scent "FEY09"

Fig Tree | Ambrette Seed | Sweet Bitter

The fig tree, where flowers bloom within the fruit, exudes a restrained fragrance. The sweet bitterness of its leaves and flesh adds richness to the scent. The gentle harmony of ambrette seeds and amber leaves a deep, lingering impression, making it captivating.

Scent "Vein"

Bay Leaves | Rosebuds | Tamed Leather

Lightly enveloped by the cleanliness of bay leaves and dewy rosebuds, the tamed leather scent maintains a subtle tension. The weightiness of the leather encounters the musk in the lingering notes, creating a striking contrast and providing a soothing tempo to the heartbeat.

Gift Service Shower Body Body Wash FOG 5mL + Gift Service Shower Body Body Lotion FOG 5mL
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