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Delixir Milky Way Galaxy Lucky Bracelet

Delixir Milky Way Galaxy Lucky Bracelet

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Gemstone Size
Blue Sandstone: 6mm
Pendant: Stainless Steel 11x5x1mm

Blue sandstone is a symbol of wealth/fortune/success.
It looks like a the dark blue night sky with the Milky Way (Galaxy / Universe).

The actual colors are purple & cobalt blue.
Sparkling reflections in the gemstone gives different charms depending on the light

It will bring you good luck

Female model (Wrist circumference: 14.5cm): S size
Male Model (Wrist Circumference: 16.5cm): Size M
Bracelet Size
S size: recommended for wrist circumference less than 16cm
M size: Recommended for wrist circumference of 16cm or more

Elastic Urethane String that stretches to fit the user.
(M size: can be worn up to 18cm in wrist circumference)
The products from this brand are all handmade.
This brand also contributes a portion of its profits to helping stray animals so that's nice too! They also do monthly volunteer work at the shelter once a month!
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