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ESPOIR Couture Lip Gloss (Rosy BB Edition)

ESPOIR Couture Lip Gloss (Rosy BB Edition)

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ESPOIR Couture Lip Gloss (Rosy BB Edition)

Volume: 5g

Product Description:

  • Glittery, glassy pearl gloss
  • Long-lasting glitter
  • Voluminous lips
  • Comfortable Vegan gloss



  1. Glacier (Gloss)
  2. Rosy Beam (Gloss)
  3. Koji (Blue Velvet)
  4. Moonlet  (Blue Velvet)
  5. Peony  (Blue Velvet)
  6. Chilling (Blue Velvet)
  7. Serenade (Blue Velvet)


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