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AMUSE Dew Balm [6 Colours]

AMUSE Dew Balm [6 Colours]

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Amuse Dew Balm

Volume: 3.2g

The balmy texture of Amuse Dew Balm is moist and light as dew, giving a sheer flower water-like look on your lips without stickiness. It gives you the colour of a lip tint and the care of lip balm at the same time, without the hassle of layering multiple products.

✓ Vegan tinted lip balm that is super hydrating and nourishing


  • 01 Ballerina
  • 02 Boksoonga Balm
  • 03 Pomela Dew
  • 04 Cherry
  • 05 Amuse Girl
  • 06 Dew Rose 


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