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BTS - Bastion O.S.T THE PLANET Pre Order

BTS - Bastion O.S.T THE PLANET Pre Order

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방탄소년단 - 베스티언즈 O.S.T THE PLANET

Shipping starts after 25 May

Album Components:
- Photobook:  1 Type
- Signed photo card: Insert 11 types
- Housework: Insert 1 Type 
- BTS Sign Poster: Insert 2 Types
- BTS X Besties Sign Poster: 2 Types
- OTHER ARTIST Poster: 2 types
- BTS Deco Sticker: Insert 1 Type
- BTS Pan Sticker: Insert 1 Type
- Photo frame: BTS group photo / Insert 1 type

[Bastians] OST, which has attracted attention with a collaboration between K-pop and K-animation, will be released.
The OST will include a new song, "The Planet," recorded by 21st-century pop icon BTS as a full group of seven before joining the military, which will make the hearts of fans around the world beat.
It is the first time since the anthology album "Proof" that the whole BTS group will be present.

"The Planet" conveys BTS's bright and energetic sound that we should work together to protect the Earth.
The reality may be gloomy, but as if it means that our efforts can brighten the future of the Earth, the guitar is rhythmic, the beat is cheerful, and the voice is energetic.
It's a song that brightens up the animation that says that all of us who save the environment are heroes
You can see how serious BTS is about environmental issues.

This OST song is inserted in every major animation scene, doubling the dramatic immersion.

** Tracklist will be released later **

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