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Elle Korea Nov. Cover BTS Jimin

Elle Korea Nov. Cover BTS Jimin

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Elle 31'st Anniversary Cover BTS jimin

Jimin graced the cover of the November issue of the fashion magazine "Elle." Jimin's first encounter with "Elle" holds a special significance as it commemorates "Elle's" 31st anniversary. Standing in front of the camera, Jimin effortlessly showcased his unique boyish charm, from Tiffany's high jewelry pieces to the Tiffany Rock Collection.

After the photo shoot, an interview was conducted. When asked about his thoughts on handling more solo activities this year, including releasing a solo album and serving as a brand ambassador, Jimin responded, "I've realized how prone I am to feeling embarrassed. It has also become a moment for me to realize how much more I need to do to grow. To approach things with confidence, you first need to be well-prepared."

When asked about his current status, he said, "I'm consistently working on music as always. I also want to challenge myself in various musical genres," expressing his aspirations as an artist.

Jimin, who always communicates sincerely with his fans, recently shared his reflections on his first solo experience during a live broadcast. He said, "I want to prove that I can do well. I will become a really good singer, so please look forward to it," showing his continued determination to grow.

When asked about his plans for his upcoming birthday on October 13th, he replied, "Actually, since it's my birthday, I don't feel the need to do something special. What always makes this day special is the fans. I'm always thankful," expressing his gratitude.

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