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Forest of Perfume

Forest of Perfume Candle JungkookPick!

Forest of Perfume Candle JungkookPick!

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**Currently this brand is overwhelmed with orders. Please expect at least around 1 month of delay in delivery**

Candle brand that BTS Jungkook is using and shown in his Weverse live broadcasts! 

Jung kook mentioned on his Weverse live streams that he loves the scent and the sound of this brand Forest of Perfume Candle.
He is also known to like the scent of Downey air freshener, so maybe that's the scent he chose for his candles?


Forest of Perfume Candles

- Handmade Natural Soy Candle 
- Eco-friendly Soy Wax extracted from 100% Soybeans
- Paraffin, Artificial Colorant, and Preservative Free

Sizes Available:

- Small (Diameter: 6cm, Height: 11cm, 140g)
- Medium (Diameter: 7.5cm, Height: 11.5cm, 350g)
- Large (Diameter: 9.5cm, Height: 13.5cm, 750g)
- Queen (Diameter: 10.8cm, Height: 18.8cm, 1000g)
- King (Diameter: 10cm, Height: 22cm, 1350g)
- Crystal (Diameter: 10.4cm, Height: 13cm, 250g)


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