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HINCE Mood Enhancer Lip Glow

HINCE Mood Enhancer Lip Glow

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Hince Mood Enhancer Lip Glow

Volume: 5.5g

Hince Mood Enhancer Lip Glow is an ultra-soft hydrating lip balm that thinly melts onto the lips, providing a subtle and natural hue that can be layered with multiple applications.

✓ Vegan formula lip balm

Long-lasting yet non-sticky & non-greasy

✓ Contains shea butter, sunflower seed, jojoba seed, and sweet almond to nourish your lips


  • 01 Memories (Limited Edition)
  • 02 Dear Rose
  • 03 Pleasures (Limited Edition)
  • 04 Start Over
  • 05 Impassioned
  • 06 Let Me Dew
  • 07 Chill Out
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