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Jungjiyoung Drip Bag Set (7 pieces)

Jungjiyoung Drip Bag Set (7 pieces)

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This is a drip bag made with Jung Ji-young Coffee Roasters' dark roast blend beans.

Bean blend: Indonesia 40%, Brazil 40%, Ethiopia 20%
Dark chocolate, walnut, rich body,  slight acidity in the aftertaste

Drip Bag Tip:
1. Cut the perforated line on the top of the drip bag neatly.
2. Pull the clips on both sides of the drip bag and fix them to the cup.
3. Pour 30ml of hot water at about 92~94°C in a circular motion to wet the beans evenly.
After 4.30 seconds, pour about 180~200ml of water in 2~4 times to enjoy delicious drip coffee.
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