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Rucipello Starter Kit (Travel kit)

Rucipello Starter Kit (Travel kit)

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Rucipello Starter Kit 

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and bathroom accessories all in one.
  • Winner in the Dental Care Products category in Korea
  • 0.15mm PBT Slim Bristle Brush Pressure-Processed with Innoflexr Technology
  • An economical squeezer that allows for efficient and waste-free use.
  • Contains plant-derived ingredients with a eucalyptus scent.


Toothbrush 50g, Squeezer,  Mystic Forest Stick Mouthwash 12ml(10EA), Pouch, Toothbrush and green toothbrush holder

Discount available until October 31st.

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