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2023 Starbucks Korea Liberation Merch

2023 Starbucks Korea Liberation Merch

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SS Korea troy tumbler 473ml

 In commemoration of Liberation Day, this is a stainless steel tumbler with a capacity of 473ml with a plum flower pattern.

In commemoration of the 78th anniversary of liberation, the date of 2023.08.15 is engraved on the back of the tumbler.
It is a product that stands out with Korean beauty and is good for gifting as well as for collection.

Korea Mother-of-pearl Coaster

In commemoration of Liberation Day, this is an octagon-shaped coaster decorated with mother-of-pearl plum blossom patterns.

Product size: width 9.5 x length 9.5 x height 0.7 (cm)

Korea Mptyer of Pearl Jewelry Case

This is a mother-of-pearl box decorated with mother-of-pearl by interpreting plum flowers and arabesque patterns in a modern way.
It is made using mother-of-pearl, and the sparkling decorations create a splendid atmosphere.
It is a product that allows you to feel the elegance of mother-of-pearl and the reinterpretation of plum flowers and arabesque patterns.
It can be used in a variety of ways, such as an accessory and simple storage box, or a business card box.

- Box exterior (including lid) Width 11.5 X Length 8.3 X Height 4.6 (cm)
- Box interior (storage space) Width 10 X Length 7 X Height 3 (cm)

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