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Atomonth Probiotics Rice Ceramide Baby Moisturizing Cream 180 ml

Atomonth Probiotics Rice Ceramide Baby Moisturizing Cream 180 ml

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Giving the best to your child.

Atomonth Rice Cream utilizes rice as its main ingredient, supplying natural nutrients to the skin, repairing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin barrier.

  1. Ceramide content of 30,000ppm is 3-5 times industry ceramide content.

  2. High concentration of probiotics Atomonth 5-biotics 30,000ppm.

  3. Extra moisturising formulation: Rice Extract is used instead of industry-standard purified water.

  4. All natural ingredients gently care for the skin without irritation and 16 known skin irritants were tested to be absent from the formulation.


  • Eco-Friendly packaging (sugarcane packaging)
  • Denmark Skin Irritation Test Certified
  • 24-hour Moisture Retention Test Certified
  • Low irritation test Completed

No Steriods, heal your child's skin naturally!
Great for Sensitive Skin/ Eczema/ Atopy!

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