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Olive Young

[BAEKHYUN Pick] BRINGGREEN Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream+ 100mL Double Pack_NEW

[BAEKHYUN Pick] BRINGGREEN Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream+ 100mL Double Pack_NEW

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The harmonious blend of a 5 types Tea Tree complex and Cicar enhances the cleansing effect, making it more powerful.
It provides a Tea Tree calming effect that has become 3 to 5 times stronger.
It gives a refreshing and cooling effect to overheated skin.
With its moisture-rich texture, it lowers the skin temperature and replenishes moisture, showing a 39.5% improvement.
Upon contact with the skin, the refreshing cream instantly reduces the temperature by -5.5 degrees, effectively controlling excess sebum while replenishing skin moisture.
In just 4 weeks, it demonstrates a 44.1% improvement in blackheads, a 41% improvement in whiteheads, and a 22.3% reduction in sebum.
This product has undergone sensitivity skin irritation testing and suitability testing for acne-prone skin.
It has a lightweight and refreshing texture that doesn't feel heavy on the skin.


Blended with the exclusive technology of BRING GREEN, the 5 types Tea Tree complex and Cicar create a more powerful moisturizing and soothing effect.
Enhanced Tea Tree Cica extract for 5x stronger soothing and moisturizing effects.

How to use

After completing the basic skincare routine, take an appropriate amount and gently apply from the inner to the outer areas of the face, gently patting to aid absorption.
This is a double-promotion product.

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