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BT21 Baby Travel Foldable Shoulder Bag

BT21 Baby Travel Foldable Shoulder Bag

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BT21 TRAVEL LINE-UP has been released.

Enjoy more memorable moments of travel with the members.

1. Spacious foldable shoulder bag for peddlers

It is a shoulder bag that can be used in various ways in everyday life such as travel, camping, and exercise with its generous size.

2. Convenient secondary bag that can be attached to and detached from the carrier

The rear part of the bag can be combined with the carrier handle, making it easy to use as a supplementary bag while travelling and on the plane.

3. Light and convenient storage method

It folds into a pouch and is convenient to carry in a bag or store around the house.

Size: 54 x 39 x 19 (cm)
Weight: 255g

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