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BTS Anthology Album [Proof (Collector's Edition)] [LIMITED]

BTS Anthology Album [Proof (Collector's Edition)] [LIMITED]

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The full set of Collector's Edition, ordered officially from Weverse.

[Album Specifications]
- Outbox: 1 type / W315 x H315 x T100 (mm)
- Premium Photo: 1 set of 7 / W296 x H295 (mm )
- Poster (folding): 1 type / W602 x H888 (mm)
- Book: 1 type / W301 x H296 x T55 (mm) / 564 Pages
- AR Card: 7 sheets 1 set / W70 x H120 (mm)
- 3D Card: 1 set of 7 sheets / W80 x H120 (mm)
- Photocard A: 1 set of 7 sheets / W54 x H86 (mm)
- Photocard B: 1 set of 7 sheets / W54 x H86 (mm)
- User Guide (AR) card, 3D card) / W80 x H120 (mm)
- 3CD

* The outer box is designed to prevent impact to protect the product, so fine scratches, scratches, and discoloration may occur during the packaging/shipping process. This cannot be a reason for exchange.
* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case cannot be the reason for exchanging or returning) 

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