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One Enough

[BTS V] Mikro Five Rings Set/925Silver

[BTS V] Mikro Five Rings Set/925Silver

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[BTS V] Mikro Five Rings Set/925 Silver

Worn by V

Official oneenough product 

1 mm 925 silver (round end) and 2 material types
The five-ring set, consisting of five surgical steel (corrected at the end), consists of the material and the material according to its taste.
Select the shape and wear it on each finger or lay it freely with knuckle.


Women: 5, 11, 13(2ea),15

Men: 13, 15(2ea), 17, 19 (926 Silver)

          13, 15(2ea), 18, 19 (Surgical Steel)

* Surgical steel is a special material used in medical devices and is a new material that has no allergies or discoloration.


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