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CLIO Pro Eye Palette Air Gift Set[New]

CLIO Pro Eye Palette Air Gift Set[New]

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Clio Pro Eye Palette Air 

*Comes with complimentary Clio Pro Single Eyeshadow!

Volume: 7.2g

Clio Pro Eye Palette Air contains creamy pigmented eyeshadow colours that blend softly on the eyes and layers without caking. With personal colour in trend, there is a palette suitable for each season.


  • Coral Studio - recommended for fall warm skin tones
  • Rose Connect - recommended for spring warm skin tones
  • Mute Library - recommended for summer cool/mute skin tones
  • Pink Pairing - recommended for summer cool/light skin tones
  • Orchid Cloud - recommended for winter cool skin tones
  • Lavender Staff- recommended for Summer Cool skin tones
  • Latte Senior- recommended for Autumn Warm skin tones

pro eye palette air

lavender staff

latte senior

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