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Rainbow Bath Bubble

Rainbow Bath Bubble

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Soyel's Rainbow Bath Salts have the following features:

  1. Made with all-natural ingredients, safe even for children's eyes.
  2. Offers a subtle natural fruit fragrance for a delightful bubble bath.
  3. Enriched with lemon oil for fatigue recovery.
  4. Abundantly infused with coconut oil and olive oil for moisturization.
  5. Provides a different experience each time with various natural bath salts.
  6. Suitable for use by both children and adults, making it a versatile bubble bath option.

Furthermore, the colors of Rainbow Bath Salts do not significantly impact their effectiveness. The colors mainly serve to change the hue of the bathwater and do not result in staining or discoloration in the bathtub, as artificial dyes are not used. The 1kg large-sized bath salts can be used approximately 30 times in a child-sized bathtub and around 15 times in a regular-sized bathtub.

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